Friday, August 31, 2012

Ephesus and Patmos

 And a little more free wi-fi.
House of Mary on Ephesus!

Inside the house of Mary

This was a wall where people hung prayer intentions.

Pillars in ancient Ephesus.

Tile! In ancient Ephesus.

what a cute little ancient kitty!

Ancient toilets!

Ancient library!

This man beckoned me over to take a picture with him in front of the library. oh boyy...

Benedictine College is everywhere ;)

I think we carried that stroller more than we strolled it.

Tomb of St John.

I got a picture where they were both smiling! Skill!

We love the bus. Chris and his pokemon. Matt and his etch-a-sketch.

Matt's etch-a-sketch skills!

We went to the cave where John wrote revelation on Patmos!

Into the cave!! (pictures weren't allowed inside)

Someone doesn't know how to TP a tree...


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