Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Catching up. Rome!

Rome was not my favorite. That seems dumb to say because I haven't been all that many places yet, but I already know Rome is not my favorite. Another silly thing is that I already know I'm going back to Rome later this semester. Oh well, you do what you do. I did see a lot of cool things though; I just didn't like the overall experience. Here are some of the cool things:

This is a picture from the first time I went to the Trevi Fountain. It isn't a particularly well taken photo, but hey it's proof I went. I returned to the fountain about 2-3 more times throughout the week and essentially took the same picture 5-10 more times.
See different picture? This was taken two days later, but I apparently thought I needed to take a few different shots from the same angle.

I can't remember what church this is (there were so many!) but I think this ceiling is pretty neat.

Spanish Steps!

This is from the day we went to the Colosseum. It was really neat to go here because it's so old and big.

My Pringles were the more exciting part though.

il papa!

He's pretty neat, I guess ;)

We climbed to the top of St Peters Basilica and I was so fascinated by the mosaics. They look sooo much bigger from up close (This is one up by [in?] the dome). They are also so detailed. It's amazing.

There was a cage around the walkway up there, but here's my best attempt to get a picture looking down from the dome in St Peters. 


Then we climbed higher to outside the dome. There were slanty stairs.

And lots of dust and some people tried to help dust I guess.

The view was worth the trek and the 5 euros!
St Peter's +

St Mary Major +

Paul outside the Walls

St John Lateran = 

4 Major Basilicas in one day! Went to Adoration in all, Mass in St John Lateran, and Confession in Paul outside the Walls. Good day?

Monte Cassino. Ahhhhh! Also, while we were here we saw the graves of St Scholastica and St Benedict but I decided not to take a picture, I guess. I'm sure I had a good reason...
Alli, I seem to remember you taking a similar picture for me when you went to the Vatican Museum.

I'm developing an attachment to St Anthony. So is the rest of Trastevere it looks like.

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