Sunday, November 4, 2012

Fall Break Twenty-Twelve

Before Fall Break we had some fun times touring with Francesco... 
Then we had some fun times touring in Sienna...
It was great. I thoroughly enjoyed Paris. I even got to eat Pizza Hut pizza. I'm lame...I know. But I thought it was great. As we were coming into Paris, the Eiffel Tower was sparkling. We all commented about how weird it was that it was sparkling, but whatever. THEN on our tour the next day we learned that the Eiffel Tower only sparkles for five minutes every hour. Pretty sweet that we just so happened to be coming in during that five minutes! Nice welcome, Paris. Very nice indeed.

We saw Ponte Vecchio on our tour of Florence with Francesco. Near here there is a place that sells peanut butter gelato!!!

From our Sienna day trip.

Looks just like our duomo in Firenze. Nope, it's in Sienna...

View of Sienna.

This is the roofless church! It was really neat!

Notre Dame cathedral in Paris. It was beautiful. I liked Sacre Coeur better, but unfortunately I couldn't take pictures inside that one.

Notre Dame again.

A picture of how detailed the outside of Notre Dame was!

Side of Notre Dame. Beautiful!

St. Michael fountain. Apparently it was meant to look like Napoleon. 

This is a SUPER expensive hotel where people like Tom Cruise stay. Also, the winner of the Tour de France gets to stay here for free for three nights.

It was soo much bigger than I'd imagined! And heavy looking! Also, fun fact! The tower is painting with three shades of brown. It is an optical illusion. Because it's so tall it would look like different colors if it wasn't painted different shades of brown.

The Louvre at night!