Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Longest Week of My Life (In a Good Way!) Athens and Corinth Edition

Ahhh! So nice to be on the internet again. It seems like it's been forever. The internet on the cruise is something ridiculous like 50 cents a minute, so we all took our computers onto the day excursion on Syros, Greece. Found free internet in a little cafe, so the nine of us are sitting around, enjoying our beers, and updating our blogs. Ahhhh Europa! 

1st breakfast in Greece! yummm (i also got seconds but i have too many food pictures)

The cute breakfast room in Hera hotel.

Canal connecting Athens and Korinthus built by Napoleon.

I just think it's interesting how all the churches here have chandeliers. Church dedicated to St. Paul in modern Corinth.

Hahahaha ok. So the Ramages were changing one of the kid's diapers and this man walked over and was very concerned about the baby being sunburned (didn't speak any English). Well, then he offered to take care of the diaper, which apparently meant leaving it on the wall. Sooo funny.

Temple to Apollo. 500 BC. In Corinth.

I forgot to take a picture before I started eating, but c'mon! A gyro in Athens! It was a must.

I don't remember... but it was a neat view, right?!

It's a picture of the water. Not Matt. They brought it out to us in glass bottles. Fancy! (Yeah, it was a really fancy place. They charged us for the water at the end. boo!)

Note 3 liters of free wine though! Served in pitchers.

Octopus Calamari. I think.

My lamb!!

My rooster!! 

My Gelato! 

Me on Areopagus with the Parthenon in the background! 

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