Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Cruise and Istanbul Edition

Our "safety talk" on the cruise. Or something.

Our tour guide told us this was a forbidden room. Don't know about that....

"My name sounds very bad in English. But it's my name." - ohhhh Farty

The Grand Bazaar!

We were so excited to eat these! We saw them everywhere. Very, very disappointing, however. 

Soo many fishers on this bridge. At alll hours of the day it seems. (This was around 12:00 midnight) It's for you Ian.

We're lost in Istanbul.

The blue mosque. I thought it was dumb that they had such low lights. Really took away from the high ceilings.

We had to take our shoes off. Yuck. It smelled like feet. soooo bad.

Blue Mosque from the outside. I liked it there better.

Yummy turkish lunch. Obama went here! Woo!

Hagia Sophia.

Trash Tree.

Basically cheese curds with honey and cabbage. AKA my appetizer. 

What a baby!

Formal Night. Or Spectacular Night. Or something.

Towel animal. pahahahahah

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