Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The time I went to London.

London was fantastic. I'm going to live there.

First I went to Pisa.

Yayy!!! Thornton's in London!

Wellington Arch. This is where we started our walking tour of London.

London 1. This is the house where the Dukes of Wellington live. Then there is the statue of THE Duke of Wellington. He didn't like women, poor people, or Catholics. He would have hated me.

They have crosswalk buttons for people on horses on Constitution Hill.

Green Park. King Charles II used to come here to pick flowers for his girlfriends. The queen was not very happy when she discovered this so she ordered all of the flowers to be ripped up and even now it is illegal to plant flowers in this park.

The changing of the guards.

Buckingham Palace.

St James Palace. This is the one Henry VIII lived. 

Where Peter Pan and Sherlock Holmes were probably written.

The street where Around the World in 80 Days started and ended.

I spent a few hours in this free museum!

I don't remember the historical significance of this place, but volleyball was here during the Olympics!

The guards in front of the Prime Minster's house.

I think this is a statue of Winston Churchill. I might be wrong though. But I do believe it is outside a museum of Winston Churchill things though... It might be Oliver Cromwell though...

Big Ben =)

Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey

Westminster Palace and our tour guide explaining what it means to be hanged, drawn, and quartered because of the Guy Fawkes attempted terrorist attack here.

I felt like a real brit with my fish and chips.

Haha. They drive on the opposite side of the street. Good thing they told us to look right.

Only the queen is allowed to drive through the middle gate. The road is dyed red for "red carpet treatment"

London Tea Time.

M&M world is FOUR LEVELS!

Our hostel was in Wimbledon.

Going to Hogwarts :) Childhood dream fulfilled.

Beatles shop on Abbey Road..

Sherlock Holme's house. 221b Baker Street.

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