Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Assisi, Perugia, and Norcia. One busy weekend.

Sooo this weekend I went to Assisi, Norcia, and Perugia. Nice.
Basilica of St Francis. Unfortunately there were things in the way of my picture because the President of Italy was coming to some meeting between people of the faith and not of the faith or something. "unfortunately"

Better picture of the Basilica of St. Francis.

This is supposedly where St. Francis was born.

A view.

Basilica of St. Clare! My confirmation saint :)

San Damiano. This was the convent that St. Clare lived in.

Santa Maria Degli Angeli Portiuncula. Inside this church was a littler church that St Francis built!

Church of St. "Happy"

St Felix



Norcia. On my top ten :)

The ambo in St. Benedict's Basilica in Norcia

The altar. 

The back of the church.

I got bored and took flower pictures.

"We produced and we sell the bestest chocolate of the world"

St. Benedict's Basilica. Most of the monks here were American. It was fun.

I took a lot of pictures on a mountain. Here's just one. It was fantastic!

Apparently this field is a very famous place to come to learn to paraglide. That's going on my bucket list.

Basilica of S. Dominic

St Ercolano. Very tall, but small church.

Bored again...

As much Perugian chocolate as I felt I could afford. I have to be honest. I didn't really like Perugia.

View of Perugia. 

You know what flower pictures mean...

This really old tunnel that we went to that had weird flashy lights all over about some street dance and then this kind of creepy relaxing music. I was confused. That's Perugia for you.

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