Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Florence Excursions and the Best Weekend Ever

The baptistry outside the Duomo in Florence.

The street was curvy because a Colosseum used to be there!

Santa Maria Croce.
What can I say? I like lions.

The inside of the churches remind me more of museums.
Inside Santa Maria Croce are many tombs including:  
Oh, here's the tomb of Galileo. NBD.


Dante. haha JK not really. They kicked him out of Florence. Now Ravenna won't give him back.


Anddd for some reason the picture of Galileo won't load.

The street of Beautiful Women. haha....

At this fruit stand in Venice they sold what I take to be bouquets of chili peppers.

San Marco in Venice! No pictures allowed inside...

On a boat.

On the Gondola! Ask me about my Chilean friends =)

There was so much coral in Venice!

The key to my room in Padua with the name of the hostel on it. This way anyone who goes to Padua can stay here!! It was fantastic. On the other hand, I feel like any hostel in Padua would be good because every person I talked to in Padua was amazingly friendly. Even the street vendors. It was crazy.

THE BASILICA OF ST ANTHONY! (No pictures allowed in the church)

Some sidewalk chalk art.

The basilica from the side :)

and from inside the courtyard. I love this place.

And then... there was an old car parade right in front of St Anthony's Basilica

Ok, a ton of my pictures won't load for some reason, and I'm kind of upset about it. If I figure it out later I'll put them up OR just go to Venice and Padua yourself because it's definitely worth it!! (Well, mostly Padua, but Venice was good too!) Ok. Looks like I found them. haha. lucky you.

And a typical lunch.

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