Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Backtracking: I forgot Rhodes and Santorini

HOW COULD ANYONE FORGET SANTORINI!?!?!?!? Quite frankly, I don' know. 

But first Rhodes.

This is Rhodes. I mean. It was ok, I guess. JK i really enjoyed it. In this picture we are walking in an old dried up moat. Sometimes they have concerts and things in there.

We went to Mass here. Fr Luke was fantastic! He said Mass for us. I believe he said it was only the 11th time he had said Mass in English in the last 10 years. What a trooper! I can't remember what the Church was called, but if you're ever in Rhodes, I'm pretty sure this is the only Roman Catholic church.

I love the beach. I love water. I did not realize however that the beaches in Europe seem to be "tops-optional" (at least all the ones I have been to). I think this picture is safe, but I apologize if I missed something.


We could have walked, but instead we decided to take this cable car type thing. I was scared for my life.

but boy was it worth it!

Future home possibility #1

Future home possibility #2

We seem to have a knack for finding the Roman Catholic churches. I said a prayer here for my mommy :)

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